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I went to high school in a small ski town and snowboarded nearly every weekend during the ski season. After of which attended college at Humboldt State University. Somewhere in the mix their was triathlon and distance running training in San Luis Obispo, California and Boulder, Colorado.

Endurance sports offered me direction. I found my place in life and was engulfed with racing, art, design and photography.

There is no "Help Wanted" sign for what I do. No real absolute direction. Just pure self motivation as the driving force for where I've landed. Team work with people that I will always remember and inspiration from the places that I've traveled to and what I've covered.

Long days. Long nights. Eagerness to go to work the next day. Returning home knowing that I made the correct career choice. I had to find my own way on a path that is never ending and is always changing course. 

And I'm never looking back. 

r o c k y   a r r o y o

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